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With yoga at work, you develop your whole company’s wellbeing by helping to prevent burnouts, and thus create a significantly more  productive organization, while helping provide quality education for children.


Let’s work together

When you do yoga at your workplace, you improve yourself, as well as the world. That sounds good! But how does it work? t’s simple: join Yoga at Work by Terra!


Yoga at Work by Terra was initiated to increase the health of people that work at Dutch companies. A significant portion of the revenue of Yoga at Work goes directly to Terra’s educational projects.


People who are familiar with yoga will know that yoga greatly increases your health, reduces your stress levels, improves focus and memory, and strengthens your immune system. Even if you don’t do yoga yet, you probably know you should be doing yoga.

Why should I do yoga at work?

By offering yoga directly at your workplace, we increase the health of all the people that work together that want to participate. There is no need to travel to the yoga class, staff will be more likely to go since it’s so easily accessible, it creates connectedness between co-workers, and generally makes the whole company healthier!

With a staff that is more flexible, less stressed, and sick less often, the whole company benefits. Not only do costs from sick and absent employees go down, the business results increase because staff feels better, more energetic, and better connected.


Sun salutations


Euro’s donated


Children helped
“75 Million School-Aged Children in Chrisis Areas Around The World Are In Deperate Need of Educational Support” – UNICEF
Let’s make the world better together! Contact us now at 06-51 85 52 58 to discuss the possibilities for your company!

Because with Terra, you not only develop yourself but you help fund quality educational programs for children living in poverty.

With your help, someday, these bright young talents may join your company!


Book a FREE Yoga @ Work session for your staff to expand your company’s health and vitality!

We also offer 8 week customized programs designed and measured by medical experts to really show you what Yoga can do for you and your staff!

We promise to keep you updated on the progress of our projects to show you how your support is making a difference!

Light (Yin) Yoga

1 hour, Therapeutic and calming, in Dutch and English.

Mindfulness Meditation

30 to 45 min sessions, Detaching for Creative Flow, in Dutch and English.


75 minutes, Energizing and awakening flow, in Dutch and English.


Designed and measured by our medical experts.

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