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Rewire And Optimize Your Brain And Body With Yoga & Meditation!

Via Yoga@Work, you develop yourself and your staff, while developing the lives of youth in need, through education! A portion of funds earned from these services go straight into our development fund to support our educational projects worldwide

Practical Info

Keep in mind a percentage of our revenue from Yoga@Work goes to charity and is TAX DEDUCTIBLE! We encourage you to explore the Wellness Responsibility of your company, to have Yoga@Work subsidized further!

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Yin Yoga Classes

What? In the body, the relatively stiff connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, fascia) are yin (restorative), while the more mobile and pliable muscles and blood are yang (active). A Yin yoga class consists of a series of long-held, passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body—the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues. The poses are held for up to five minutes, sometimes longer.

WHY? Yin yoga is perfect for a tired body, an over-stimulated mind, and erratic unfocused energy. Yin yoga is a Mindfulness exercise, as you train the body and mind to become still in a pose, while staying in it for minutes at a time. It therefore creates much needed gaps in the overactive “monkey mind”. Keeping the gaps empty creates the space, for anything that wants to, to come up, and doing Yin yoga trains the brain to be ‘fine’ with it. Thoughts and emotions that you suppress with all the on-the-go business in your life, organically flows out. Yin yoga as a truly therapeutic form of yoga has been shown to help us with ‘emotionally regulation’, thereby significantly lessening feelings of anxiety, sadness, boredom, agitation etc.

Who? Yin Yoga is for you if you are tired, over-stimulated, when your energy is too erratic, and your mind is overactive.

Where? At your work place (or somewhere awesome chosen by your company)

When? Whatever day suit your staff bests

How? Company Package Prices for Yin & Vinyasa Classes

Vinyasa Yoga Classes

What?Vinyasa Yoga is a subset of hatha yoga that is distinguished by its fluid transitions and movement through a series of carefully planned poses. Vinyasa literally means “to place in a special way.” In Vinyasa yoga, you learn to coordinate your breath with fluid movement. It is both a practice of cardiovascular strengthening, flexibility conditioning, strength training, and meditation all in one.

WHY? Cardio is an important part of any fitness routine. The continuous sequence of Vinyasa yoga is great for getting your heart going, even when the pace is relatively slow. Being in sedentary mode at work is destructive to your health, and has been confirmed to take years off of your life. The combination of benefits you receive from vinyasa yoga will help restore your energy, rejuvenate you, and not only reverse aging at the cellular level, but it does so also with your brain, as it is literally a “moving meditation” that helps to increase your natural state of awareness, alertness, focus, and memory. Finally, Vinayasa amongst other things is FUN!

Who? Vinyasa yoga is for people of all levels, as long as you have no serious injuries, it is active, energizing, hightly therapeutic, and fun.

Where? At your work place (or somewhere great chosen by your company)

When? What day suits your staff best?

How? Company Package Prices for Yin & Vinyasa Classes

Mindfulness Meditation Classes

What? Mindfulness down to its course means having a ‘balanced awareness’ of what is going on around you.

WHY? Based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction discourse by Dr Jon Kabat Zinn (MIT), this curriculum which is also taught at tech companies in Silicon Valley draws primarily from Buddhist philosophy and way of living, to provide keys to a more present and much happier life.

The techniques learned here help to foster emotional intelligence, which will tremendously help in dealing with our own emotions, and in knowing how to recognize and react with the emotions of others. The techniques once applied therefore teach people how to be more emotionally and mentally balanced, and to swiftly handle situations that were otherwise perceived to be stressful and difficult. Finally, Mindfulness Meditation not only helps to make us wiser, via emotional regulation, but also smarter, via a confirmed and significant increase in the neural networks of the more sophisticated parts of our brain. It helps to increase focus, perceptivity, memory, and problem solving skills.

Who? this mindfulness course takes place for 21 hours, over the course of a 7 week period, and is taught by an expert and certified MBSR trainer.

How Set up a consultation to create a happier, healthier, and more productive staff.

Customized Classes

We also design customized courses designed by our medical experts, for you and your staff, combining yoga and mindfulness (MBSR) programs together. Please email us for a consultation.


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