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TERRA – Education & Development

Develop Yourself

What is this?

At Terra, we believe that in order to make positive and significant changes in the world, you must first start with yourself.

This is why we started the initiative called “Develop Yourself”.

Develop Yourself offers different kinds of self-development, personal transformation and health-optimizing tools, online and offline in order to help individuals and groups of people become the best versions of themselves, using tools such as Mindfulness, yoga, nutritional and career coaching, public speaking, and even learning code!

As part of our business model, we promise to donate 11% of all of the revenue generated from these programs to worthwhile development projects around the world. You can take a look at our focus project here.

So, in the end, if you subscribe to any of our Develop Yourself programs, you are not only developing yourself, but also contributing to causes for the greater good of humanity!

Interested? Check out our programs in the “Develop Yourself” submenu.

Go ahead and Develop Yourself with Terra, while you develop lives of those in need!

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