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A library and digital resource center for the community youth of Alemgena, an underdeveloped community 15 km outside of Addis Abba, Ethiopia.

The library project is initiated by the local administration “The Alemgena Development Committee, from Alemgena, Kebele 08 Village, which was established in 2017 to serve the people in the surrounding area.

With the support and financial backing of The Next Stage Foundation, an Amsterdam based grassroots non-profit organization, this building promises to significantly uplift this community through sound and impactful educational and wellness programs.

The library will contain and facilitate the following:

Serve as a learning and knowledge sharing space for community youth
Serve as center for digital skills and IT training for youth of all ages
Serve as a center for young women’s empowerment programs
Serve as a center for income generation via impact sourcing
Serve as a center for sex and HIV education programs
Serve as a center for environmental health and sustenance programs
Serve as a center for psycho-social wellbeing programs using mindfulness and yoga


Education plays a critical role in the economic development, and its absence is the most limiting factor in the economic development and growth for any country
An educated human supply will make the best use of a country’s resources, which leads to sustainable economic growth.

In a community of 40,000 plus people, the literacy rate is about 70 percent.  Average literacy rate for the country’s population is 39 percent (UNESCO INSTITUTE OF STATISTICS, 2018).

The students, as well as the people in the community, have no access to a library and other related basic learning and community development facilities i.e. information technology, study center, internet.

Girls and women in Ethiopia have little to no knowledge about safe sex practices and planned parenthood options.

In Ethiopia, there are 30 percent more young women (15 years plus) who are illiterate than there are young men (UNESCO INSTITUTE OF STATISTICS, 2018).

Only 44 percent of youth receive technical and vocational education training from high school (UNESCO INSTITUTE OF STATISTICS, 2018).

Only 4.69 percent of young adults receive university educational training (UNESCO INSTITUTE OF STATISTICS, 2018).  

As the country for the head quarters of the African Union, Ethiopians can truly help to build and uplift their own country and their continent, and educating their youth is a powerful way to creating this positive shift.
Building this library will encourage community participation, as the community will provide 20 percent of its labour supply.  This library can subsequently serve as an example for further developing other similar communities in Ethiopia.


There are more than 40000 people living in the village. There are 5 primaries, 2 lower secondary, 2 higher secondary schools.

The facility intends to serve the community as a whole, with a focus on the children and young women, the most vulnerable groups in the area.


Alemgena is one of the towns found in the Oromia regional government of Ethiopia. It is located about 15.6 km to the Southwest direction of Addis Ababa City. 

(In this video, Saskia Bosnie, Director of The Next Stage Foundation is describing the plot of land reserved by the Ethiopian government to build this awesome library and resource center)


Fundraising starts on November 11, 2018.

PHASE 1 ends on November 19th, 2019.

Our timeline is 2 years to complete the building and to facilitate it.

(Note:  In the 3rd year we will start a new campaign to organize and run its constituent programs (e.g. Digital skills training, women empowerment, micro-financed small business operation, impact sourcing programs, wellness and environmental preservation workshops)


With your help and support, we can help eradicate poverty from the grassroots, by providing access to a quality educational center for the Alemgena community youth!  Let us develop our world collectively!

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Total Fundraising Target is 290,000 Euros

Total fundraised so far: ___

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