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Energy Movement

Studies have shown that dancing heals both the body, our psyche, and the brain, by slowing down brain aging. Furthermore it helps to break down social barriers, thereby bringing us closer to one another. 

Through dancing, you not only train your body, you also create space for your mind by easing tension, boosting concentration via increasing your energy.

Energy Movement is a type of movement through dancing. It works similar to yoga, except you have the opportunity to be creative and freestyle your own movement sequence, teaching yourself more body awareness, while you literally energize your body and mind.

Why? Besides the physiological and psychological benefits, dancing is fun.  You can express yourself creatively through it, and foster deeper connection with those around you.  Finally, it has been shown that the individual and cumulative benefits of dancing help to combat burn out symptoms, and so boost wellness and increase productivity.  

Want to hold an Energy Movement office party or workshop at your workplace?

Give it a try and revolutionize your company for the better!

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